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Today Somalia is making huge strides in social, business, economic and political aspects. This progress is encapsulated and popularized in a famous hashtag on twitter known as #SomaliaRising, and widely followed and retweeted.

To keep this spirit and momentum, we decided to mainstream the rise of Somali’s narrative into “iRise” – to demonstrate and ensure the momentum and spirit of Somalia rising is further galvanized and celebrated. Our name is primarily a catalyst for this story but, equally, embrace the innovative and entrepreneurship mind of Somalis community, globally and locally.

At the iRise hub, we aim to challenge, among many other things, the negative stereotypes that are often associated with Somalia by unlocking the their potential narratives, innovations and entrepreneurship acumen to the betterment of the country.

iRise is Open space Innovation hub for Somali technologist, innovators, researchers, social entrepreneurship, best and brilliant minds who can offer, create and bring a new solution to Somali’s multifaceted challenges, from socio-economic to development. We are simply an open space that is designed for multi-functional, multi-purposes to untapp Somali’s next generation of social entrepreneurs. Given Somali’s unique talent and rise of technology, we strongly believe that Somali’s solution can be found in the brain of the next generation of geeks, tech-savvy and social entrepreneurs.

Irise is based in Mogadishu, and dually registered in Sweden and Somalia as community hub.

Our Service

What we do


iRise Consulting aims to meet the technology needs of organisations by tapping into the immense talent pool that iRise’s diverse community of freelancers


iRise Hub Research conducts qualitative and quantitative studies on technology innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as the intersection between governance and technology in Africa.

Startup Incubation

Irise Hub offers on-site and pre-incubation program designed to accelerate successful development of businesses in all sectors.

Co-Working Space

Located in the heart of Mogadishu, our premises provide a refreshing place to work from with high-speed fibre broadband connection and a community of entrepreneurs

Core Amenities

Super Fast Internet Access
Spacious Office space
Free consulation to members
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Our quality team

iRise Hub

Awil Osman

Founder and CEO

Awil is a developer and expert practitioner on ICT. He has BSc Degree in Computer from Nairobi University. Awil has experience in running startups in roles of developer and founding member

Abdi Amey

Advisor & Board Member

currently studies political science and international relation in Bristol University. Abdi Amey is avid user of ICT, worked and advised various tech and digital companies in Sweden and Scandinavian countries. He’s founding member of Global Somali Diaspora in Istanbul, Turkey, 2014.

Gunilla Carlsson

Advisor & Board member

Chairperson of iRise’s board of directors, former minister of Development and International Cooperation in Sweden. Currently board member of GAVI, senior advisor to African Development Bank (AFDB) and other international organization.

Emre Gurler

Advisor & Board member

Founder of Africa Potential, an ICT-led firm. Formerly co-founder of @Global_lab and The Swedish East African Chamber of Commerce (SWECAC).


Principle Founder

currently works as independent consultant and researcher. Prior to that, Abdihakim was senior advisor to Somali government,revered political commentator, analysts and social entrepreneur..

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