Irise Hub

iRise Hub is the first community-based innovation hub in Mogadishu, Somalia. We are a physical platform space for entrepreneurs, innovators, techies, and startups, to share ideas, connect and collaborate with each other. We offer highly skilled mentors, advisors and a pool of tech talent.

We are an ecosystem that offers resources needed by entrepreneurs and startups, and a launching pad for innovative and creative ideas. Our services ranges from co-working space,incubation,skill and knowledge transfer.  We offer our members access to our innovative hub where they can design,develop, build and collaborate their ideas with like-minded individuals.

Our Original Story:

The iRise Hub was born from the popular hashtag of #SomaliaRising initiated by Somali citizens across the globe whose main motive was to map and storify the progress made by the Somali government, regional states with the help international community and the thriving businesses and improving security. Pursuing the progress and momentum of the #SomaliaRising hashtag on Twitter, we came up with iRise Hub, a physical co-working platform which its main mission is to stimulate and advance the tech talent in Somalia and drive entrepreneurship to create jobs and come up with sustainable businesses to reduce the donor dependency syndrome.

At iRise Hub, we are dedicated to transforming Somalia into a tech and digital Hub that can drive social change, unlock the next generation of innovators & technologist and foster culture of innovation.

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