2022: A Year of Making Impacts – and Ideas.

Now that we look past to 2022, let’s do quick some reflections. 2022 has been an extraordinary year with some challenges and opportunities. It was a year filled with high hopes and collective determination. We have led number of interesting initiatives, starting from Minbar, a civic education platform that aimed at igniting a civic debate among the youth to drive inclusive Somalia. We have also launched our flagship coding school: Rise Academy. The overriding aim of this school is to produce the next generation of software engineers and tech geeks in Somalia. Our first cohort is scheduled to graduate end of February and we are hoping to place them into the marketplace.

2022 also saw in building and strengthening partnership with likeminded institutions and hubs. From Funzi-Finland, a mobile-based e-learning platform to SIU University, a leading learning university. Building partnership is core to what we do, and its best way to create an enabling space to drive a sustainable ecosystem.

Together with our partners, we have touched and impacted more than 5 thousand lives through our different programs including Dalbile Initiative and AYC center.

We will be remiss if we do not acknowledge the generous support from our partners without whom our vision for building a sustainable ecosystem and create a better economic condition for Somalia won’t have been realized and delivered.

As we look forward to 2023, we are excited to what’s in the pipe for this new brand year as we will continue investing in innovative ideas and empowering the local ecosystem.

Together, and from our entire iRise Hub family, we look forward to working with you on this journey and build partnership with you.


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