About iRise

iRise is the first co-working space in Mogadishu. It was founded by a team of likeminded individual on the premise of transforming Somalia into a silicon horn. Headquartered in Mogadishu, iRise is space for Somali innovators, techies and aspiring entrepreneurs. Joining iRise Hub will make you meet and colloborate people with diverse skills who are thinking outside the box . We inspire and unlock your potentials, develop and enhance your business and technology skills,validate your ideas and connect you to your future investor.

  • 01 Mission Statement

    Our mission is to offer a fully equipped co-working space, a community with diverse skills and entrepreneurship programs that will transform ideas in to products and services.

  • 02 Vision

    The vision is to harnesses and tap into the power of Somali’s entrepreneurial acumen through leveraging technology and exploring innovative tools that can be applied to design and build solutions for Somalia.

  • 03 Our Approach

    We are guided by four inspiring philosophy:

    • Community. Building and nurturing a community with diverse skills with a common agenda: Transforming Somalia into a silicon horn and producing top tech talent and entrepreneurs that compete at global stage.
    • Technology: We believe, the path for digital economic growth, lies through collaboration and use of technology in a responsible way.
    • Innovation: To produce innovative ideas and solutions, we are guided by the thinking-outside-the box mentality.
    • Diversity: We strive to bring on-board everyone who wants to be part on this journey without any discrimination. Towards a win-win outcome for our community members and for the greater somalia.