The BIC Somali project commenced with a 3-day Bootcamp in Mogadishu, inviting 60 participants from over 200+ applicants. The entrepreneurs were introduced to the project’s objectives and participated in a Business Ideas Pitching competition, with the top 23 ideas qualifying for the Incubation program.


Leveraging on Technology to Train Young People on Future-Ready Skills

We commenced the month with a cutting-edge training program aimed at empowering young individuals with future-ready coding skills. By leveraging technology, we seek to provide an enhanced learning experience and equip the next generation of tech-savvy innovators.

Ideation Bootcamp Training

We remain steadfast in our commitment to empowering the youth. In Baladweyne, Hirshabelle, we conducted an Ideation Bootcamp that successfully trained 76 enthusiastic individuals. These young minds (44 male and 32 female) participated in an intensive program aimed at fostering creativity, idea generation, and innovation.

Soft Skills and Financial Literacy

We kicked off July with an ambitious training program focused on equipping young individuals with future-ready coding skills. By leveraging technology, we aim to enhance the learning experience and empower the next generation of tech-savvy innovators.


The Next Economy Program Graduation 2023

A new batch of participants has graduated from The Next Economy Program, a collaborative effort by the SOS Children’s Village Somalia and iRise Hub. The graduation ceremony was attended by individuals from diverse backgrounds, including government officials, banks, entrepreneurs, TNE Alumni, iRise Hub, and SOS management. Nine startups had the opportunity to pitch their business ideas to a jury for a chance to win seed investment.


Over the span of six months, 30 entrepreneurs embarked on a journey with iRise Hub, enriching their knowledge in Business Management Skills. Mr. Abdirahman, the Chief Learning Officer at iRise Hub, congratulated the nine advancing companies and encouraged them to find a harmonious balance between their financial requirements and overall business needs. He extended his best wishes to all present and past beneficiaries of the program for a successful future. “

YALI Journey – Empowering Transformative Leadership

Representing iRise Hub, our exceptional team member, Abdikarem Khalif Maruf, embarked on a transformative YALI (Young African Leaders Initiative) journey. The immersive leadership training, workshops, and networking have enhanced their skills and confidence. We are immensely proud of their achievement, and we know they will continue driving positive change in our organization and beyond.


iRise Hub Newsletter — Your JulyEdition, 2023

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