As a collaborating partner in the “BIC Somali” project, iRise Hub was pleased to participate in a two-day Boot Camp and a one-day conference held in Nairobi from October 24th to 26th, 2023. These gatherings were organized through a joint effort by BIC Africa, ebn, and UNIDO Somalia. Participants from five different countries that have implemented BIC Africa’s country projects came together for these events. These nations included Somalia, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Angola, and Comoros. The primary objectives of these events were to foster networking among attending institutions, exchange valuable experiences, and amplify the impactful initiatives being carried out within their respective countries.

During these three days of events, significant progress was made. The first two days featured a Boot Camp with sessions led by industry experts. These sessions covered essential topics like people management, partnerships, mentorship and coaching, women in entrepreneurship, and certification programs for Incubators. Additionally, field visits were organized, allowing participants to explore three prominent Incubators in Nairobi: iHub, SNDBX, and iBiz Africa.
On the third day, the BIC African Annual Gathering took place, with representatives from various participating institutions engaging in panel discussions. These discussions covered a range of vital subjects, including Ecosystem development in Africa and Women in Entrepreneurship.

iRise Hub at BIC Africa Boot Camp and Annual Gathering

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