In 2023, our impact reverberated through bootcamps, mentoring, and soft skills programs, nurturing 151 startups and channeling a total investment of $302,000.


In February, our hub became the hub of innovation as we hosted a Humanitarian Hackathon. It was an inspiring showcase of collaborative problem-solving and the boundless potential for positive change.. The event called upon participants to devise bold and disruptive solutions, fostering creativity and innovation.



In March, we were excited to participate in the Somalia Incubators Bootcamp training in Addis Ababa. The event covered diverse topics, including ecosystem mapping, quality assessment framework development, and access to finance. Special thanks to BicAfrica, UNIDOSomalia, and EUBIC for their invaluable support.


The bootcamp featured a networking visit to BicEthiopia’s project hubs, 1888EC & PragmaAdvisor. Participants engaged with hub experts, exchanging knowledge. The highlight was BICEthiopia presenting the business incubation and startup ecosystem in Ethiopia. It was a dynamic experience fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing.


In April, we proudly launched the second cohort of our IELO Project in the coding school, Rise Academy. This initiative is instrumental in shaping the next generation of tech enthusiasts. We are dedicated to providing a dynamic learning environment and empowering individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in the ever-evolving tech landscape. Our dedication lies in cultivating the next wave of software developers who will make a profound impact on both markets and communities.


In May, a significant collaboration between iRise Hub and UNIDO took shape during a working visit. The UNIDO Somalia team, accompanied by representatives from UNIDO HQ, visited the iRise Hub office. This marked the initiation of a new phase of collaboration for the BIC Somali project, currently open for its first round of applications.


The visit showcased mutual enthusiasm for a strengthened and expanded partnership in the future. As part of the engagement, iRise Hub management offered a comprehensive tour of the office facilities and workspace to the esteemed guests.


In June, iRise Hub hosted a lively panel discussion spotlighting the impact of remote work on Somalia’s future job market, emphasizing the rise of #RemoteJobs. This event served as a valuable platform for understanding the evolving landscape of work in Somalia.


In July, iRise Hub marked a momentous occasion with the launch of the inaugural cohort of BIC Somali🎉. This dynamic project kicked off with a vibrant 3-day Bootcamp in Mogadishu, where 60 entrepreneurs, carefully selected from a pool of 200+ applicants, dived into the program’s objectives. The event featured a Business Ideas Pitching competition, propelling the top 23 ideas forward for the intensive Incubation program.

Following this exciting launch, the journey continued with the commencement of the BIC Somali’s three-month-long Incubation Training. This transformative program is designed for the 23 pioneering startups, covering a spectrum of crucial topics to fortify their business development. From converting ideas into action to mastering the intricacies of business management, marketing, cost control, Business Model Canvas, project management, and production management, the training is guided by seasoned facilitators, ensuring a robust foundation for these aspiring entrepreneurs. The supportive environment aims to nurture their growth throughout the entrepreneurial journey. 🌱


In August, iRise Hub celebrated a significant milestone with the launch of the Academy for Women Entrepreneurs (AWE). This collaborative initiative, co-launched on August 17th with the US Embassy in Mogadishu, is set to empower thirty young, promising women who stand as trailblazers in the fields of tech, innovation, and entrepreneurship.


AWE promises a wealth of opportunities, including diverse training programs, networking sessions, mentorship, and, most crucially, a platform to cultivate and develop their business ideas. The program embodies a commitment to fostering the growth and success of women-led businesses in the vibrant entrepreneurial landscape. 🚀


In September, iRise Hub marked a milestone with the launch of the WFP IGNITE SEED Application. This initiative, a collaboration with WFP and Circle Innovation, underscores our ongoing commitment to fostering agribusiness and enhancing food security in Somalia. The  event provided a valuable platform for sharing insights on how Somali innovators can actively engage with this research-backed food security program.


The event facilitated discussions among agricultural leaders and innovators, focusing on the practical application and impact of the  IGNITE SEED Program in advancing sustainable and resilient agribusiness practices. 🌾🌱


In October, iRise Hub actively participated in the BICAfrica BootCamp and Annual Gathering, held in Nairobi from October 24th to 26th, 2023. As a key collaborator in the “BIC Somali” project, our involvement contributed to fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange among institutions from Somalia, Ethiopia, Madagascar, Angola, and Comoros.


The Boot Camp sessions, led by industry experts, delved into crucial topics like people management, partnerships, mentorship, women in entrepreneurship, and certification programs for Incubators. The Annual Gathering featured insightful panel discussions on Ecosystem development in Africa and Women in Entrepreneurship, amplifying the impact of innovative initiatives across participating countries. 🚀🌍


In December, iRise Hub, led by Abdikarem Maruf, Chief Communications Officer, achieved a monumental victory, securing the prestigious Best Innovation Startup Award at the #ArabSMEs Summit. This remarkable accolade is a testament to both iRise Hub’s success and the thriving Somali innovation ecosystem. This triumph marks a significant milestone, highlighting our commitment to excellence and impactful contributions to the entrepreneurial landscape. It is a success resulting from the collective effort of our dedicated team. We are honored to bring home this international recognition, showcasing the dedication and innovation embedded in our mission. 🏆🌍

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