iRise Hub launches Safari meals

iRise Hub launches safari meals,Online Food Delivery startup

iRise hub is the first innovation hub that was launched last year to bring the last mile of technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship to Somalia. Aiming to nurture, build and inspire the tech ecosystem in Somalia. 

Irise hub had a very busy calendar year in 2017. We held Global Entrepreneurship Week Somalia in collaboration with Shaqadoon, a local NGO in Somalia. On the DEMO day, we had four startups who presented very brilliant products and services to a big audience in Mogadishu. We held the #HourOfCode event in Mogadishu, the first time in the Horn of Africa.

Irise hub offers incubation services for startups and connects them to investors both local and international. The secure state-of-art facility in Mogadishu has reliable internet, the un-interrupted source of power, furnished offices and co-working spaces.

On 14th of January 2018, irise hub launched, safari meals the first startup that was incubated at the hub. The journey started last year as an idea and we have launched the product successfully. Safari meals is a premier food online delivery startup. The startup has a team of dedicated and well-trained motorcycle riders to deliver food in the most hygienic and fastest way in Mogadishu. Safari meals have exclusive delivery deals with the top restaurants in Mogadishu.

“We offer a win-win solution for our network of restaurants and our customers in Mogadishu. Hot meals on wheels” said Qamsa the co-founder of safari meals.

Once safari meals reach the required traction in Mogadishu they will open shop in other regions of Somalia.

There is a sudden surge of tech startups in Somalia and Mogadishu in general because of the increased security stability and the return of the Somali diaspora. Mogadishu has estimated population of 3 million residents.