Mogadishu Tech summit 2018


Mogadishu Tech Summit (MTS 2018) was organised by iRise – Mogadishu Innovation Hub, in collaboration with the Federal Government of Somalia, Benadir Regional Administration, and in partnership with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), the United Nations Integrated Office in Somalia, the International Organization for Migration (IOM), the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation.

The three-day summit, which was held from 23rd t-25th October 2018 creating a platform where young entrepreneurs and innovators showcased their startups and get to meet other players in the industry for investment, partnership, and collaborations.

The three days event attracted over 60 technology and media companies in Somalia all exhibiting their products and services in the biggest gathering of diverse tech enthusiasts, consumers, builders, and investors.

The finale of the three-day event ended with panelists from UNDP, alongside Somali tech and development experts, civil society and Government representatives, discussing mobile and cashless economies, “smart” cities, innovation hubs, the use of technology to protect against climate change, and how data can help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. The International Organization for Migration (IOM), with support from Italy, also hosted a panel on the role of diaspora in promoting technology and innovative ideas. At the closing ceremony, Premier Bank chairman Jibril Mohamed announced the launch of one million Dollar fund for financing the startups in Somalia in collaboration with iRise Hub as the incubator.


One of the biggest highlights of Mogadishu Tech Summit 2018 was the Startup Pitch Competition.It was 2 Day pitching Competition participated by 12 startups from across Somalia from Mogadishu, Garowe,Basaso to even Hargeisa.

The summit provided a platform to young entrepreneurs and innovators to showcase their startup companies and ideas. They pitched to a selected panel of judges, investors and banks to secure investments. Twelve startups participated in this tight competition. The panel of judges had intense discussion and evaluation after each presentation. Finally Bulsho Bile Solar was awarded to be the best start-up in the Mogadishu Tech Summit Pitching .



The Judges were:
1. Mursal Kediye- Chairman of Shabeel Group.
2. Dr. Abdirahman Hassan – Principal of Samatar Model School
3. Eng Zahra Abdikarim -CEO of Sostec Inc
The moderator of the pitching competition was Naima Gurey, the Community Manager of iRise Hub.


MTS 2018 has delivered the following outcomes

  • It has created a platform to bring together experts to have progressive conversations over technology and sustainable development goals in the public and private sector.
  • It has facilitated healthy debates and discussions on the reach and access to public and privates services such as education, healthcare, financing, and others.
  • It has challenged the media narrative of the country and the content that is shared across the Internet spheres that depicts an ugly and destroyed country especially Mogadishu city.
  • Triggered technology based policy dialogue, planning and implementation in addressing socio-economic challenges in Somalia.
  • One million dollar investments for startups in Somalia.