Mogadishu Tech Summit

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Missed Mogadishu Tech summit 2021? No worries

Join us with in this Upcomming December 2022 at Somalia's biggest Tech and Innovation Festival.

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Mogadishu Tech Summit

Mogadishu Tech Summit is the premier event for everything is cool, tech, innovation, entrepreneurship, investment, digital, networking and building partnership. It’s where you meet your future investor, co-founder and co-creator.

It’s the platform that links you to Somali tech entrepreneurs, disruptors and tech geeks. We bring together more than five thousand participants — from IT engineers at IBM, data scientists at Google to food-delivery startups in Mogadishu. It’s the place that you won’t miss.

Did you miss our latest Mogadishu Tech summit 2021? No worries, we got it all covered, we’ve got your recap right here! #MTS2021. see next year at #MTS2022

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