About Project: The training was part of the efforts of a Mercy corps initiative attempting to improve Economic Development and Livelihood by building the skills and capacities of the Somali youth towards meaningful employment in the productive sector and more specifically to help the youth to create a new business.

Project Aim: The main objective behind the business development training is to get the participants to learn the essential business skill from start to end and what’s in between. This will help the participants to start their businesses in the productive sector or get a job in the sector. Along with that, the participants needed to understand, define and find out the challenges their community is facing, ultimately to come up with innovative solutions that tackle the challenge and make a business out of it. Then, further, facilitate and train the participants on how to build teams, Business modeling, Marketing strategy, financial modeling, Branding, and pitching business ideas to the potential Investor or Business partner.
Specific objectives:

  1. To Support and to improve productivity and competitiveness of the productive sectors in the Adado District.
  2. To create opportunities for youth, women, and men by employing a combination of skills development, financing facility, technical and business support.
  3. To promote employment and enterprise development within the productive sectors.

Implementation: iRise Hub has implemented several training on (CATALYZING ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AND LIVELIHOOD IN BALCAD AND ADADO). The first one was a five-day training for 40 participants in Adado. The training took place at GreenHouse Conference Hall from 22th – 26th September 2019. The second was five-day training for 30 Small Business Owners in Balcad. The training took place at Balcad Secondary School Conference Hall from 3rd – 7th November 2019. The third was 3-day training for 30 small Business Owners in Adado. The training took place at GreenHouse hotel from 8th-10th March 2020.

(The Video of the Program.)

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