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Meet Somali youth farmers and their startup for producing a variety of fruits and vegetables


There has been a great wave of youth engaging in agriculture; this is a big step in the overall empowerment of youth in the most crucial parts of the Somalia’s economy and people’s well being. IRise is here to support such initiatives. Through Dalbile youth program in which iRise is an implementing partner, hundreds of Somali youth have been impacted and empowered in establishing business startups by receiving extensive entrepreneurship skill set trainings as well as funds to kick start their ideas. Somali youth farmers, a group of youth engaging with plum tomatoes production is one among many hear more of their story here

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IRise Hub and Scala firm collaborated

iRise Hub and Scala firm collaborated and provided a 3 week long training on marketing, communications and content creation to an association of young female entrepreneurs in Mogadishu.

Developing a small enterprise may at times prove difficult, especially if you have little to no money for setting up the venture. Sometimes, initial capital may not even be the main problem, but rather the necessary skills needed to build the ideas and setting up a business is what most startups lack. The search for digital entrepreneurial skills is what led Qaali Ahmed, the chairperson of an association of young female entrepreneurs in Mogadishu (MHGGY), to iRise hub

with the hope of developing skills for her business and those of the members in the association. iRise, which is well known for supporting startups with funding and skills development, accepted their request delightfully and were highly impressed with the passion of these young female entrepreneurs, to learn and decided to partner with Scala Firm to deliver practical intensive 3 weeks training on digital communication, marketing, branding and content creation. Find out more here

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iRIse hub Partnered with Liquid Technologies

We are privileged to announce the partnership between iRise Hub and Liquid intelligent telecommunications limited. Liquid is a telecommunications provider and data center operator that is duly licensed in multiple countries across Africa. Liquid will provide internet connectivity, Cloud Credits, Access to Data Center & Cloud Solution Provider Partnership as well as support the skills training of startups, students on the latest technologies through the 2 IC Skills Africa e-learning platforms. Both parties will also jointly work together to ensure enough skills and resources is provided to the students, startups and universities to successfully complete the course work and graduate from the MoU.

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iRise Hub signed a Memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Ministry of education, culture and higher education of the federal republic of Somalia (MOECHE).The two parties will collaborate on transforming Somalia’s education sector through innovation and technology., by jointly exploring technologies that can spur the growth of the education sector by increasing access to education for rural and excluded populations. click here for more pictures

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Youth in Agriculture: The Story of Udgoon Fruits and Vegetables

Why Udgoon?

Agriculture is principle economic sector in Somalia not only in terms of meeting the food needs of the population but also in terms of generating income through crop sales and agricultural labor opportunities. For years, we have seen efforts to produce various locally grown crops, fruits and vegetables across Somalia by different farmers and production companies. We have been inspired by the boom and potential of this sector, and our company was founded on the principle to invest in agricultural sector, especially around food production and crops for local economic development. 

Udgoon is a local company in Mogadishu founded by a group of ambitious youth (three female and two male) who majored in agricultural studies from various universities in Somalia. Udgoon deals with the production of food products especially fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, spinach and many other.

Key Issues to Address

Among the key principle sector that Somali is dependent on is agricultural and food production. With the right knowledge and tools, many crops can be locally grown but our markets are filled with imported food products from grains to fruits and to vegetables. We are addressing hunger, food insecurity by producing organic and quality fresh food products. Many food products in the market lack quality and are not healthy for human consumption. People normally consume expired or low-quality food products which are generally imported from outside the country that poses a great threat to the health of our people. In the future, we aim to adapt and transform our farmers into ecofriendly and green economies. Our focus now is to increase local production to bridge the local gap in food production, especially vegetables, fruits and other organic crops.

Your Challenges

Our major challenge is lack of funds to operate and run the company to meet the local demands, local market needs, such as a small cultivating field, transportation for the harvested crops and purchase of insecticides also we are challenged by our customers who mostly look down on locally produced food products with a belief that imported products are better thus the majority of the people tend to opt for food that is exported from other areas than buying the food that is processed locally.


Udgoon sees a great investment opportunity in the food processing market and we are working on creating a mini factory that will enable the processing of various food products. We plan to produce ketchup, canned fruits, jams and so many more with hopes of capturing international markets. We aim high and our brand company to join global and international brands.

How Did You Heard About Dalbile Program?

We heard about the program from Twitter and other social media platforms; we applied and luckily got accepted. The program was very interesting and we were trained by highly qualified mentors, we also got to meet other youth with amazing ideas. The funds also helped us boost our capital. We would love to appreciate Dalbile and iRise Hub for helping us realize and turn our idea into reality. We also like to command iRise Hub for always investing and encouraging local youths.

How to support

Udgoon is looking forward to your support; you can order from us for your daily consumptions, you can help us with the field for cultivation, or the transportation for our products. The stakeholders and banks can also help by investing in us. We are highly motivated and passionate entrepreneurs, we hope for our company to grow and be the future pioneers of the agriculture sector in Somalia.

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Meet Row Company A youth-led startup that’s driving impact on organic waste

Meet Row Company A youth-led startup that’s driving impact on organic waste

My name is Abdirahim Farah Omar, and I am the CEO of ROW company. ROW is an abbreviation for the re-use of organic waste. This entrepreneurship idea is mine, and what inspired me to establish this company is that I have witnessed the problems of wasted foods on the streets and markets in Mogadishu, as well as other garbage that some people throw out on the roads outside their own houses, which I could say it was the sole reason of establishing this company. This idea addresses waste on the streets and marketplaces by cleaning up and recycling discarded foods and other rubbish and turning it into something useful to the community in both urban and rural regions.

What Solutions Are You Offering?

We recycle Wasted food and rubbish into soil nutrients to prevent soil deterioration. As a result of this notion, farmers are encouraged to employ locally created nutrients instead of importing soil nutrient chemicals elsewhere. In addition, this approach promotes eco-friendly practices and clean streets.

The Challenges

My company’s capacity to serve the entire city is severely constrained. It lacks technologies that might make it easier to recycle food waste and trash. In addition, Farmers acceptance of imported commodities and a lack of faith in locally produced nutrients are significant challenges facing our firm.

The Opportunity

Growing awareness of farming and its importance is one of our most extensive opportunities. Green housing in cities is also on the rise, and they’re producing organic foods, which gives us hope that our products will find a market since they’re nourishing for gardens. So far, we have reached many people through our marketing efforts, and we expect that most of the families will have their houses small gardens that they can plant vegetables and fruits for the coming years.

How Did You Hear Dalbile?

A friend of mine knew my work, so he saw on social media the Bootcamp, a training course of Dalbile, then he shared with me the Dalbile registration form, we were so lucky to qualify and accepted on our request. Dalbile was the reason to overcome the biggest challenge of starting this idea; your training and financial support make my dream something achievable.  

How do you Plan to Scale Up your Startups?

Our goal is to become Somalia’s leading compost supplier, even if we’re still in the early stages. The road from a tiny company concept to a worldwide commercial enterprise isn’t simple for any startup entrepreneur. For expansion, our business is seeking funding, unlike other companies that are virtually entirely dependent on outside help — either in the form of grants or stock. Funding recycling machines, and marketing, are the most common obstacles we are facing. To grow and scale up our firm in the future, we will need a current plan and financial investment from local or worldwide banks. We firmly believe such investment will help our business stay afloat in the market.

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Job vacancy Position: Communication and Digital Marketing Trainer

Title: Communication and Digital Marketing Trainer

Location: Mogadishu



We are looking for a creative communications person/team to deliver 3 weeks training on communication and Digital marketing/branding to a group of female entrepreneurs

Requirements and Selection criteria

  • More than 5 years of work experience in the field of communication
  • MA degree in communication, media, or Journalism
  • Excellent analytical, oral and writing communication skills both in English and Somali
  • Have a good understanding of the context in Somalia including media


Application requirement

  • Summarized profile with CVs
  • Technical proposal
  • Financial proposal

Application submission

Interested individuals/team can apply by sending us an email at

Application closes on 6th of July 2021

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Job vacancy Position: Videographer

Job vacancy

Position: Videographer

Location: Mogadishu-Somalia

 Job Description

We are looking for an organized and creative videographer to work with our creative team to plan, film, and edit video content. The videographer’s responsibilities include ensuring that the necessary filming equipment is available for use, directing other camera operators on set, and editing film footage.

Videographer Responsibilities:

  • Film videos on set or on location.
  • Ensure that equipment for a shoot is present and working.
  • Plan the shoot with the creative team.
  • Edit footage in post-production.
  • Direct other camera operators so that the needed footage is acquired.

Videographer Requirements:

  • Excellent computer literacy.
  • Proficiency with editing software such as PhotoShop.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills.
  • Up to date with industry trends and tools that will make projects more successful.
  • Proficiency with camera equipment.

If you have the above qualifications, we are looking for you, please email us