Rise is the first innovation and technology hub that is launched in Mogadishu with the aim of unlocking the potential of Somalia’s talents and accelerating changes and economic development. Since its inception in 2017, iRise has become a thriving community, a launching pad for new ideas, a place for civic and social entrepreneurs – and a home for digital doers. In fact, our founders envisioned space and enabling environment where techies, innovators, digital-doers, and investors can connect and co-create a sustainable ecosystem for Somalia and beyond. Our founding vision was to help social entrepreneurs to hack innovative solutions to Somali’s challenges.

1 Year


5 Years

Dalbile Youth Initiative

4 Years

Mogadishu Tech Summit

1 Year

Rise Academy

1 Year

Khalid Innovation Award

1 Year

Abdiaziz Youth Center

2 Year

Kobciye Program