IRise Hub and Scala firm collaborated

iRise Hub and Scala firm collaborated and provided a 3 week long training on marketing, communications and content creation to an association of young female entrepreneurs in Mogadishu.

Developing a small enterprise may at times prove difficult, especially if you have little to no money for setting up the venture. Sometimes, initial capital may not even be the main problem, but rather the necessary skills needed to build the ideas and setting up a business is what most startups lack. The search for digital entrepreneurial skills is what led Qaali Ahmed, the chairperson of an association of young female entrepreneurs in Mogadishu (MHGGY), to iRise hub

with the hope of developing skills for her business and those of the members in the association. iRise, which is well known for supporting startups with funding and skills development, accepted their request delightfully and were highly impressed with the passion of these young female entrepreneurs, to learn and decided to partner with Scala Firm to deliver practical intensive 3 weeks training on digital communication, marketing, branding and content creation. Find out more here

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