Incubation and Acceleration

Training & Capacity Building

Access to finance

Branding & Communication

Research & Consulting

Monitoring & Evaluation


Incubation & Acceleration

We have designed a full-fledged incubation and accelerator program Called Kobciye, or “Growth” in English is simple, practical and accessible incubating program package. Our aim is to offer a wide range of skills, trainings and resources that new or existing startup need to start and grow their own business.

Training & Capacity Building

As part of our commitment, we offer various capacity building training that is designed to empower youths with set of skills that would allow them to unleash into the market. Our trainings include a project-based and continues full immersion to organizations and individuals keen to apply innovation and technology in their career.


Access to Finance

Kobciye fund is an Investment platform connecting promising ideas and business with investors to maximize investment opportunities by connecting angel investors, Financial institution and development agencies

Communication & Branding

In addition to being a tech hub, we assembled an in-house team of graphic designers, content creators, brand-builders, digital-marketers and communication specialist who can provide a tailored communication strategy for small and big entities, individuals and public institutions. Our team has the knowledge, connection to curate a well-thought-out communication and PR content that is designed based on your vision and imagination.
Our in-house team has the track record in organizing and building communication brand for major events and conferences across Somalia.


Research & Consulting

As an innovation and technology hub, we offer cutting-edge research and consulting service to public, private and development organizations to help them smartly apply innovation to solve their challenges but achieve inclusive growth. Our in-house team has over 10 years of wide-ranging experience and capacity in working with both private and public and is driven by human and design-thinking approach that can turn ideas into reality and make informed decisions. Our research relays on data-based standard and use various analytical and innovative tools that enables our client to apply for future field research exercise.
Our client includes corporates, SMEs, development agencies, government institutions, investors, research organizations and academic institutions.

Monitoring & Evaluation

We have unique techniques for monitoring and evaluation, which are used to assess the performance of startups, SMEs and corporate institutions. Its goal is to improve the future and future of the business. We also give continued advice and training for the business how they can operate efficiently and effectively and how they can manage to return the monthly payments.


Our Well Equipped
Co-working Space

We have designed and decorated an innovative and technology-friendly co-working with steady power, free Internet, printing, photocopy and self-service coffee and tea machine. We provide shared and dedicated desks and a presentation room for individuals & organizations. We offer an enabling environment where you can meet, network and collaborate. Our co-working space is more than space – it’s place to go for connection, networking and exploring business ideas. Come and join our thriving ecosystem (Meeshaan waa in an la geliyo registration form)

Our Co-working space.

Community Desk



Flexible and convenient shared membership plan

Dedicated Desk



Unlimited working hours, Access to business services and Secure physical file and computer storage

Office Space



Fully furnished office, Access to business services, Subsidized Printing services, Access to use the event space and office branding

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