Youth Employability and Access to Finance

About the project

GEEL and iRise hub initiative is to provide a platform that Connect Youth Entrepreneurs to investors that will eventually create a job opportunity for the youth and boost the local economy of the country. This project aims to create job opportunities for the youth, this will be done through entrepreneurship and in powering Start-ups / SMEs by giving mentorship support, investment, and a platform to showcasing their products and services. iRise hub has a special unique business incubator called kobciye that provides mentorship and seed investment to the start-ups and also provides other amenities such as co-working space, training venue and meeting room. Our qualified consultants / Mentors that gave them clarity and confidence to attract funds and raise capital to launch, grow and scale their business, project or idea.


iRise hub implemented a three month long mentorship program for 20 businesses , mainly focused on agriculture, livestock, fishery and renewable energy. We provided a full fledged business development service from branding to developing investable business plans. During their mentorship program they discovered how to attract capital to grow their business.

Impact of the program

More than 20 businesses have received one-one mentorship along with in-kind support in collaboration with the private banks such as premier and IBS bank. During their mentorship we helped them to develop investment readiness documents for their business in order to become investment ready. 20 out of 10 have been able successfully raise funds and scale their business.

After a few months Sadra beauty has been able to launch their business. Sadra beauty is a locally-made company that provides natural cosmetic products for young people.

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